måndag 3 september 2012

Oliver’s Home Birth

"You were born in your caul, you swam out between my legs. It was 10.09pm, your Dad watched and told me how amazing it was to watch you come into the water in your caul and watch it float off your face, “Almost like a veil lifting” he said. Teresa encouraged me and coaxed me in my still shocked state to reach down and pick you up as I stated 
I wanted to do this (Your Dad was about to dive in if I didn’t). I looked down and for what seemed like much longer than it really was I saw your gorgeous face looking up at me, eyes open, arms moving slowly. The moment you and I shared staring at each other will always be imprinted firmly in my memory and the overwhelming feeling of love and pure joy as I reached down and brought you up out of the water, into air and into my arms where you took your first breath."

Här kan du läsa hela förlossningsberättelsen och ta del av underbara bilder.

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