onsdag 16 november 2011


Jag är precis hemkommen från ett doulasamtal med en blivande pappa. 
Syftet var att vi skulle lära känna varandra, då jag bara träffat mamman tidigare.
Jag tycker att vi lyckades med vårat uppdrag.

Häromdagen fick jag ett samtal från en blivande pappa, som önskade ha med en doula på deras kommande förlossning. Det var första gången som en pappa tog den första kontakten med mig.
Jag blir så glad över att fler män engagerar sig i förlossningen. Att de gör sig delaktiga.

Så här står det i "The doula book":


The presence of a doula complements a father´s role and strengtens it. A doula often can give suggestions and encourage the father to toch, to talk, and to help in ways that feel truly comfortable to him and comfortable for the mother. In conversation with the authors, Dr. Martin Greenberg, an expert om father and author of Birth of a Fathter, has commented: 

The mother has a biologically based task which is driven by a time clock, while the father feelos like he i s floating in air without a connection, uncertain about this task. A support person during this tine can rach out to both of them, decrease the father´s anxiety, give him support an encouragement, and teach him specific task, allowing him to reach out to his wife an a more caring and nurturing fashion.

Fathers, with the support of the doula, should be able to participate at any levels that feels right and natural for them. In this way they can experience fully the joy and wonder of watching their babies come into the world. For father and mother, birt can be a truly shared event-mutually moving, inspiring, and loving.

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